I'm just going to wear my Japan Perl Association Head Director's hat for a bit and add a small, but what I consider to be something very important about the whole Moose or no Moose argument:

"Moose Developers, please act like you care (more) about startup cost, use of RAM, and other efficiency issues."

Here's what I mean by the above:

I'm an engineer. I like Moose. I understand the whole Moore's law thing, I understand the "buy more RAM" thing.

However, most of the world is made up of non-engineers. This group is made up of  people who make decisions, or they are your regular joe programmer who don't give a rat's ass if they use Moose or plain hash or worse, some other language.

What these people see are things like numbers. If they see a benchmark touting Moose to be slower, they'll ONLY remember that Moose was lower ranked. They won't remember the context in which the benchmark was taken, nor Moose's advantages.

Furthermore, if a Moose developer responds to that kind of benchmark with a smart-ass comment, or a phrases like "dude, buy more RAM", it just doesn't do anything to convert people's minds. I'd really like to avoid that.

I know Moose is great. I know something like it was long overdue. I'd like to keep using it on all of my projects -- which I try to do now.

But if a client sees these articles and get the wrong idea, I'm going to have to spend another 2 weeks writing up evidence claiming Moose's superiority before I can install it in their systems. And if that happens, I'm just going to whip my Perl-fu and say "bless this hash, and let there be no Moose" -- cause it costs money to prove otherwise.

So, here's my $0.02.

I know that the Moose developers are doing a great job. I'm not even going to say that they need to change their attitude or goals. However, I'd really like them to make a more thought-out response, and act like you actually care about the parties involved that have a slightly different view than yours (in this case, people who really care about speed, memory efficiency, etc). I actually don't care if they actually care. I know they are good enough that they won't completely ignore it. And I/we will contribute where possible. Just... act like you care :)

That will make my life easier. I can point people to the Moose roadmap or whatever and say, "look, they care. they /will/ address your concerns. let's just install Moose in your system for now, yeah?" and go on hacking with Moose.

 And you know, you can always mention/encourage more activities like JPA was doing with gfx to shove some startup costs ;) 

(update: fixed typo and such)